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At Home in Puerto Rico

at home in puerto rico

This summer I was speaking with a family that said they had relocated to the Rincón area largely based on information from our blog.  Recalling some of the crazy days of our move to Puerto Rico, I told them that finally, after 3 years, we can say that we feel

Black and Gold Coast - Cash vs Credit in Puerto Rico - Picture of scramble crossing in shibuya, tokyo, japan

cash vs. credit in puerto rico

Holding the greasy paper trays and wooden skewers of some fresh grilled yakitori (essentially Japanese pinchos) at a bon festival in Tokyo this summer, I would’ve LOVED to find a trash can.  However, having already been in Japan for a few weeks, I knew that in reality, I would be carrying the messy

mail service in puerto rico

mail service in puerto rico

Mail service is another of those things that just works in the states, but can take some extra effort here in Puerto Rico. Our condo didn’t have mail service, so we had to get a post-office box when we first moved to Puerto Rico. Since

aftermath of hurricane maria - water bottles filled with water from our hot water heater

diy backup water storage (for condos / apartments)

The dam at nearby Lake Guajataca made national news as it was badly damaged and nearly failed in the days following Hurricane Maria.  This reservoir supplies water to the municipalities of Aguada and Rincón, among others on the west side of the island.  Although the hurricane is long

best deal on unlimited data - AT&T

best deal on unlimited data anywhere!

One of things I enjoy about living in Puerto Rico is there is always some challenge to overcome; whether small or large.  Things that are simple and easy in the states such as paying at the pump or finding fresh veggies and specialty items such as nattō take a bit

black and gold coast - david white - reliable internet in puerto rico?

reliable internet in puerto rico?

Before Hurricane Maria, cable internet service through Liberty was extremely reliable. Upload speeds were slow, but the 20mbs plan consistently provided download speeds in that vicinity. Post Maria, speed is the least of my concerns. Five months after the hurricane, service from Liberty in my

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