auto registration and insurance in puerto rico

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  1. Jeff says:

    This is a no brainer that smart people still don’t get. The marbette insurance is a ripoff. $4000 wont cover much. If someone get hurts your in trouble. The Judge will look at you and take everything you have and give it to someone who has nothing even if its their fault. We used CACIO and understand they are the better choice. I had an accident and they did right by me. LOL we also made a blog post about this same thing.

  2. Barbara Schutt says:

    This is great to know, thank you!

  3. Obeth Seguinot says:

    Hello, I just want to clarify a bit about the liability insurance you mentioned. The $99 minimun insurance covers up to $4,000 in damages to the other(s) auto(s) involved in an accident. It does not cover for any phisical damage or other property affected. In the case of a private coverage like Universal, Integrand etc, you can choose your coverage in the areas if Property Damage (includes any other’s property affected un an accident) for $10k, $25K, $50K. You choose also the coverage for Phisical Damage you may be liable for $10/$20K, $25/$50K or $100/$300K. The lowest amount is coverage for phisical damages to one person while the highest is for multiple persons affected. So in the $300k coverarage you mentioned it must be up to $100k in phisical damages to one person and up to $300k for multiple persons affected in an accident.

    1. David says:

      Thank you for the clarification Obeth.

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