cost of a college education in puerto rico

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  1. Jeff Kruse says:

    Oh, you also didn’t mention that more than 50% of the students at UPR GET PAID $3000, SOME get PAID up to $6000 to attend UPR thanks to the Pell Grant.

    6 or so years ago UPR tried to raise the cost by $800 and stop double dipping. The students went bezerk! They barricaded themselves inside the property and went on strike. IIRC it was almost a year they were on strike. Many masters and PHD students lost their experiments because they were not allowed onto the campus.

    I spoke with many students who were upset (both sides). Many current and former students said it was their right to the full Pell grant and that they needed to get paid so they could pay rent, make car payments, and buy food.

    1. David says:

      Thanks for providing some background Jeff. It isn’t going to be pretty if the subsidies are reduced, but it’s hard to imagine they won’t be at some point…

  2. katrina kruse says:

    Also worthwhile to mention that the first 2 years are basically high school. We knew several teachers there who had a majority of students in biology who didn’t know basic classification and had to be taught about mammals vs amphibians etc (thought whales were fish). He would tell us about taking “kids” (mostly around 20 when they start) to the river to turn over rocks looking for things. I did that with my third graders! Most “kids” take 6 years to finish. The exception might be the engineering program which is supposedly pretty good…

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