good deals in puerto rico

4 thoughts on “good deals in puerto rico”

  1. Gatica says:

    $1.29 for a dozen large, $1.89 for 20 medium.
    As far as shipping goes, yeah we’re not liking the cost. In January my husband will be driving our stuff to Jacksonville Florida from California just to save a little. About $2000 driving cross country then $3900 from Florida to PR, and then possibly another $700 to the house. It still beats the quote my husbands company gave him of $9400!

  2. Barbara says:

    I shop the MeSalve store as well when on the island….great prices! That is good news regarding the eggs because that is one of my staples being vegetarian. We had always seen outrageous pricing on the eggs there. In Illinois we can get them xlarge for sometimes as low as .69 but once they were only .39 so I stocked up and pickled some eggs. I don’t drink milk so I’ve no idea what a gal will cost here. I have soy or almond in my shakes in the morning.

  3. David says:

    Update: A friend of ours tells us she bought a nice one piece swimsuit at Me Salve for $3! I guess we overpaid! lol

    Also, I saw that a dozen medium eggs at Econo in Rincon were 50 cents last week! Barbara, pickled eggs sound good. We may have try to make some!

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