our hurricane maria experience

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  1. Gatica says:

    So, so scary, but you guys made it! Hang in there. Our house in Arecibo survived. According to our neighbor the worst thing that occurred to our home was a couple of tree’s falling onto our new backyard fence and one of our AC units blown off the roof by the crazy winds. Not too bad for a major hurricane. Purchased tickets many months ago to come down in late December. Who knows what we’ll be in for. Please all of you take care David.

    1. David says:

      I’m so glad to hear your home didn’t sustain major damage. Hopefully, things will be a bit more stabilized before your visit in December,,,

  2. Karen says:

    Hope your hand is healing well and they gave you something other than Panadol at the hospital. 🙂 Maria was quite an experience, not something I want to go through again. I grew up in Florida and am pretty used to them but when they get bad, you pack up and leave. The vacuum effect was no joke for us either, our bathroom window blew out and we too used a whole roll of duct tape trying to get it patched so the doors in other parts of the house weren’t rattling or on the verge of blowing out. We had a couple of other Macgyver moments too. I must say it has been a huge learning experience and it has solidified how well my husband and I work as a team..honestly, we rock. 🙂

    We just got power back two days ago and I am reveling in every bit of it…ice making (after a two hour refrigerator cleaning)-it was GROSS), ALL the laundry and charging my phone and computer whenever I want. Of course every bar is now packed beyond capacity as everyone is celebrating. I may have had too many rum cocktails myself on one particular night. Concerning the aftermath: wasn’t it amazing how many people were out cleaning up literally the moment the storm has passed? Nobody wasted time picking up the pieces, it was awesome.

    The last remaining issue that has us incredibly concerned is business, we were just about to embark on collaboration with an investor (literally a dream come true that we have worked our entire lives towards) and now Maria may have derailed it completely. It all depends on how the US handles PR from here on out…but we’re definitely biting our nails. Ah well, that’s life, one big, long roller coaster…we can’t say it’s been boring.

    1. David says:

      Karen, yes never a dull moment especially in Puerto Rico! I hope your business deal goes through once the dust settles.

      I’m glad to hear your power is back on. I remember when the power turned on after Irma, it was luxurious! Do you have internet as well? Also, what part of the island are you on? We are planning to return as soon as power and water service are restored in our neighborhood…


      1. Karen says:

        No, no internet but Liberty seems to be working their asses off to get it going again. They also recently set up free WiFi hot spots in select towns including ours which is great because data is expensive as you know and we’ve been eating through a lot. They also have a form on their website to fill out when you receive power so they know what areas to concentrate on next.

        We live in Vega Baja. Manatí is mostly lit up from what we’ve heard as well. My family in Arecibo also recently got power..in two vastly separate areas. We drove through Dorado and that is lit as well in about half the area. Rincon is getting power here and there as well. So…looking up overall, hopefully your area isn’t too far behind. If you haven’t followed them yet Puerto Rico Maria Updates has a lot of current info with ppl reporting in from all over the island.

  3. Tamika says:

    David, Holly and family!

    Wow, just wow! The anxiety here was so intense waiting for word. Thank you for being the wonderful family you are! I am so grateful to have had met you along your journey. I am even more grateful for the caring and selflessness you exhibit every day!

    Your former neighbor,

    1. David says:

      Hi Tamika, we miss having you as a neighbor! How is your dad doing? Is he still in Aguada?

  4. Kim Browning says:

    We have vacationed in your very building in 2015 & 2016, staying in the unit that was owned by Tamika. I sent her an email wondering how the building fared, and she said she sold it last year and sent me a link to your blog. I’m so sorry that beautiful Puerto Rico was dealt such a horrible blow. Our 2 weeks there last year was incredible. I’m glad you and your family are safe.

  5. Kirsten says:

    Wow…just WOW! What a harrowing experience! My eyes were wide as I read all of the twists and turns Maria took you through. Thank God you and your family made it out alive!

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