mail service in puerto rico

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  1. Gatica says:

    The dead end street we live on has no name too. Seven homes were built prior to ours being built and then 10 years ago, a developer dug into the side of the mountain and cleared it for where our house and ten others now sit. The neighbors above us recieve mail, they all have mailboxes but the eleven new homes including ours do not. So a couple of years ago while vacationing in our home, I went to the USPS to see how we could get mail delivery to our house. The postmaster and the carrier told us to get a mailbox (we got ours at Home Depot) and set it up in front of our house or to hang it on our fence and then they gave us an address. I was ecstatic. So I attempted to mail ourselves a letter. The letter arrived two days later! We left to go back to California but was curious to know if we could also receive packages so I asked my neighbor next time he ordered something, instead of using his mother’s address, would he mind using ours. He did, through Amazon and yes, it did arrive at our house. Definitely a sense of relief especially since we will be finally relocating to PR in November .

  2. Jeff says:

    Another option is a private post box. I had one across from where I worked. It was great as I never had to wait in a line.

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