diy homemade natto! (and yogurt)

4 thoughts on “diy homemade natto! (and yogurt)”

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  3. Cassie says:

    Since you like health food, I would suggest you check out the natural foods store in Mayaguez across the street from Home Depot/Sams. They have a great vegetarian lunch too that is reasonably priced! It’s our “fast food” stop when we go into town. The prices of the food in the grocery section are still pretty high, but unlike Freshmart they actually carry FRESH produce too. Not a whole lot, but we like to buy sprouts (often a variety – not just alfalfa) there, some powdered miso soups and organic cookies.

    1. David says:

      Hi Cassie. Sounds like we have to check that place out… thanks for sharing!

    2. Holly says:

      That sounds great Cassie! I have seen that place and wondered what it was really like. Too often “healthy” on a store sign doesn’t mean what I think it means LOL! Good to know of a place where it might actually be true :)

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