reliable internet in puerto rico?

3 thoughts on “reliable internet in puerto rico?”

  1. Kevin says:

    There are many WISP providers on the island. When we move back, my plan was to have Liberty as our primary and whatever WISP is available at our location as our backup. If AT&T drops you for some reason or the service becomes unusable, keep this option in mind. is one I saw around when we lived there in Aguadilla, so I’m sure they service Aguada too.

    1. David says:

      Hey Kevin,

      Thanks for mentioning this; I agree this is a great option if you live in a house. Unfortunately, I don’t believe they are an option for those of us who live in a condo. Our HOA certainly won’t allow us to mount a dish externally! :(

      1. kevin says:

        I’ve seen installations that just mount a small antenna to the inside of your window. I don’t know if the providers in PR offer that but if the cell option falls through, it’s definitely something to look into

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